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Famous Bed strives to offer our customers with moderncomfortablewell madesustainable, and glamorous luxury bedroom and lounge furniture to complete your dream room. 

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Ultra Comfortable

With the newest technology available we have been able to create the most comfortable bed frame on the market. No matter if you like soft or hard beds, the Famous Bed fits all needs. 

Built in Charging Station

With a built in charging station their is no need to ever get out of bed to charge any of your electronics again.

Remote Control Massager

Have you ever wanted to have a personal massager? This is your opportunity. The Famous Bed comes equipped with a luxuries remote control massage lounge. 

Built in Bluetooth Speaker

Listen your favorite music anytime. Connect any your devices to speakers via bluetooth or plug them in. Our built in bluetooth speaker has a fully controlable wide range volume button.

Built in Lamp

Read your favorite book, newspaper, magazine curled in a cozy blanket using the built-in reading lamp. The lamp also has a dimmer feature.

Smart Safe

A built-in safe to keep your valuables next to you in safe place while you sleep. Sleep worry less.


The Famous Bed flips up for extra storage and the foot-stool opens up for extra storage. Never have a messy room again.

Pop-up Desk

Easily work on your laptop with the pop-up desk or use it as a bed side table.


The Famous Bed comes with bookshelves on both sides of the bed. Keep your all the favorites magazines and books close to you and organized.


You can mix and match which components work for you and move the elements to the side of the bed that suits your needs.